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The machine we use is of the last generation of radio frequency that delivers heat to the underlying structures along with a slight degree of aspiration.This will result in stimulation of the collagen fibers that are responsible for the skin elasticity.

Furthermore it also acts on the subcutaneous fat to shrink the excess.


This technology is well indicated for patients who still are not ready for any kind of surgery and would like a non invasive treatment.


Radiofrequency is well indicated :

Common indications are:

  • cellulite treatment

  • firming of the tissues of the face, neck, décolleté and body

  • treatment of stretch marks 

  • complement to surgical facelift techniques 

  • and liposculpture

  • in cases of wrinkles and skin laxity in the face ,neck and arm

  • in cases of cellulitis on the thighs and buttocks

  • in cases of fat excess  on the abdomen and hips and also in the neck.


We recommend 6-8 sessions  ( once a week ) depending on the quality of skin,its elasticity


The result will appear after 3-4 sessions and will be great after 2 months.

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