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Cervicofacial lift


consists of putting back in place the structures of the face that have collapsed over time.


Indeed, the aging of the face and neck is accompanied on the surface by the appearance of wrinkles and in depth by a sagging or even atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue as well as an atrophy of the facial skeleton.


The cervico-facial lift has evolved over the last ten years and the current trend is a minimally invasive technique which must give natural results with the minimum of scarring after the shortest possible social eviction (2 weeks).


This technique is practiced in the majority of cases under local anesthesia, accompanied by sedation so that the patient is as relaxed as possible.

After one night in hospital, the patient can go home without a dressing. 


The sutures will be removed on the 7th postoperative day.


A recent lifting technique does not require an incision behind the ear but only in the pre-auricular region because the deep tissue traction is done vertically.


An oral intake of arnica 9CH is recommended 3 days before the operation in order to minimize post-operative bruising.

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